Residential Design

C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S is a design firm, providing the best design services in New York City.

Whether remodeling or renovating your home or apartment, C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S specializes in outstanding residential design from top to bottom. We have a superior team of designers that are able to make your dream residential project come true.

Our residential design projects also include home theatres, kitchen design and bathroom design. C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S is able to work on both large and small scale renovations including kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We assist the client with all project specifications of items for purchase, custom designed furniture and built-ins. We will work closely with contractors, carpenters, curtains makers, upholsterers to ensure all elements are accomplished in accordance with your vision

Whatever your personal style, your environment should always be an expression of you, your achievements, your aspirations, your passions. Above all, your space should be comfortable and stylish, and C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S’s decorating services will inspire you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

At C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S we have mastered the art of color and transition. A successfully executed atmosphere can transport you beyond the locale, while simultaneously helping you to remain grounded.