Building Design
Sustainable Building Design

C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S is a project design consultant firm offering innovative inspiring solutions for building design. We strive to provide our clients with a diverse array of skills, a comprehensive selection of services and a distinctive range of solutions. We work closely with professionals, developers, and construction companies to ensure our designs are interpreted to their fullest potential.
As an optional service, C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S is committed to providing environmentally responsible green-sustainable design. C H A C U R takes advantage of the absolute latest building technology, with respect to building and construction material selection, always researching the most up-to-date building trends in the area of “Green Advantage”, which provides a building with high-performance energy efficiency. 
A C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S project contributes to the environment aesthetically and ecologically, pleasing to both the client, as well as to the community. Design quality is not simply cost related, but rather connected to the wisdom with which time and money are spent. Design standards are set through an attitude of defining attainable goals and time-honored commitments.
C H A C U R D E S I G N & I N T E R I O R S enjoys the challenge of producing designs that are utilitarian, as well as address a multitude of environmental concerns, so as to create harmony with the local surroundings.